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True Australia Stock Horses:

This, possibly the world's most versatile horse, is often referred to as 'The breed for every need'. The Australian Stock Horse is a fine working and performance animal, renowned for its toughness, endurance, resilience and strength. It also has cat-like speed and agility, giving the horse a cosmopolitan blend of attributes which have produced the world's best at work and play.


All Rounder:

The basic prerequisites of high performance sporting horses are a quiet temperament, intelligence and an athletic ability. The Australian Stock Horse has all of these qualities, and is now regarded as the benchmark for equestrian breeding excellence

Intelligent and fast learners
Good all round animals
Top sports performance & athletic ability.
Excellent hardy and good doers.


Stonehaven "BB King"

This fellow is a great example of a gentle natured colt by a Champion sire, CADABRA. Easy to do anything with. His dam, Sonnys Gal, daughter of the 2010 Warwick Gold Cup winner. Makings of a top performance horse, and will excel in anything from show events to campdrafting in the future. 


QLD 4560

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