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We are currently breeding "DEXTER CATTLE"  "KALAHARI RED GOATS" and "AUSTRALIAN STOCK HORSES" on our property:

Purebreed  & Graded Dexter Cattle
(click the cow to see our current stock)

Selection of Pure breed and Graded Stock available. All stud stock will be register with the Dexter Cattle Association Inc. Australia.

We also have available some beautiful steers for lawn mowers/pets or to fill your freezer with these boutique cuts of grass fed meat with the best flavour you can get and family friendly size cuts.

Do you know what your meat from the supermarket/butcher has been fed, how it was treated and what chemicals & hormones & toxins it contains...! (don't be fooled to thinking it's all the same=wonder why cancer rates are increasing.!)

For more about the Dexter Cattle breed click here


Purebreed and Graded Kalahari Red Goats
 (click the kid to see our goat stock)

       Selection of Purebreed and Graded Stock available. All stud stock will be register with the South African Stud Book.

         Do you like lamb - then Kalahari goat meat is for you, this meat is comparable to good quality lamb but a leaner meat at a fraction of the price...!

       Did you know Goat is the most eaten meat in the world today? It is also the leanest meat available (even compared to skinless chicken!) and, unlike other farmed or wild goats, Kalahari meat is the most tender meat available.

       For more info. on goat meat click here           

       For more info. on Kalahari Red Goats click here.


Goat meat is exceptionally lean and low in fat, making it an ideal choice for health conscious consumers.


Australian Stock Horse:  
  • We have started breeding stock horses. At this stage we have an 8yr old black Mare (Sonnys Gal) who is in foal to Soda Justice a top performing Stock Horse Stallion and she is due to foal in approx. 6 weeks. We also have a 4yr old bay Filly (Roc Chic) who is just confirmed 14 days in foal to Cadabra a beautiful Black Stallion.
  • All going well these foals may be available for sale as yearlings.



    "Sonnys Gal" - 8 yr old mare.                                    "Roc Chic" - 4 year old filly.

    See there breeding at the Australia Stock Horse Society webpage:

    Then go into the "online stud book" and just type in their names.


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