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As we are re-stocking after drought conditions we do not have any registered breeding stock currently available for sale. We are currently taking expression of interest for 2012. We also have access to Full Blood Kalahari Animals at a joint venture property south west of Brisbane. Enquiries welcome.

Don't miss out, please register your interested and what grade of Kalahari you require via email .

Kalahari Red Goat Key Benefits

  • Hardiness and disease/tick resistance
  • Mothering and milking abilities
  • Colour, shape and size
  • Good meat flavour & good yield
  • Most Tender Goat Meat available.
  • Excellent natural weed control
  • Fence trained & call to feed.

We have found that Kalahari Red Goats generally are a hardier animal than the Boer or Boer cross animals. Many of the Boer cross animals we've had on the property have been used to being pampered and being hand fed and tend to loose weight and are ill thrift when just grazing on pasture.

Our Kalahari cross animals on the other hand thrive on rough weed country with little or no supplements. Given the rainfall in our area we have a strategic worm control program and also vaccination program for our breeding stock.

We have also found that due to our high rainfall that Pure Nubian goats also have difficulty surviving due to a lower worm resistance. We have however crossed our Kalahari Red Goats with Nubians to increase length and height plus infused excellent colouring/patterned coats for camouflage and also improved milking.

Pricing and Breeding:

Our Kalahari Red Goats are sold based on % of Kalahari breeding. That is an Nubian Goat crossed with a Full Blood Kalahari (KR) Buck would result in a Grade 1 (or 50%) Kalahari kid, and so forth. The grading up table looks as follows:

Grade 1 Kid - 50% KR (Females Stud register able)

= Foundation Goat + KR Buck


Grade 2 Kid  - 75% KR (Females Stud Register able)

= Grade 1 Doe + KR Buck


Grade 3 Kid - 87.5% KR (Females Stud Register able)

= Grade 2 Doe + KR Buck


Grade 4 Kid - 93.75% KR (Females PB Stud Register able)

= Grade 3 Doe + KR Buck


Pure breed Kid - 96.88% KR (All Stud Register able)

Grade 4 Doe+ KR Buck


We also have Full Blood animals that are not graded up, ie. 100% traceable Kalahari Red heritage. We only used Full Blood Kalahari Red Bucks in our grading program and also quality foundation animals from Nubian and Boer goats.

As a guide: Wether are sold by the Kg approx $2.85 per kg live weight. We can arrange butchering and delivery which equates to approx. $5.50 per kg dressed weight + delivery fee.

As a starting point Grade 1 Breeding Does (registered) & Bucks range from approx $220ea+

All our prices are plus GST and include registration with South African Stud Book, service papers (where applicable) and registration document. Delivery and Transport insurance can also be arranged. (Kalahari Red animals are also able to be registered as stud animals with the Australian Boer Goat Breeders Association).

Our goats just love playing (or laying.!) around.....

 "Stonehaven Zulu" - Kalahari Red X Nubian Buck (R.I.P)

1st Cross (F1) Kalahari X Nubians (doelings) - 2006 drop.

1st Cross (F1) Kalahari X Nubians (doelings) - 2005 drop.

1st Cross (F1) Kalahari x Nubian Kids (wethers) - 2004 drop.

"Stonehaven Little Reggie" - Kalahari X Nubian Buck Kid

"Stonehaven Mombassa (Reggie)" (R.I.P) - Kalahari X Nubian Buck

(killed by Taipan bite in Oct2004 - he will live on in the kids  he has produced.)


Just another lazy day at the Stonehaven property. Masia with her 2004 drop kids.


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