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We have currently have some female stock registered and ready to sell. We also have some young Dexter steers that are great to start learning the ropes with for new cattlemen & cattlewomen, these are mix of grades and pure breed steers.  More calves to come during end 2011..

Please place your enquiries via email for future stock.


Key Benefits of Dexters:

  • True Small Breed of Cattle (not miniaturised)

  • Good Dual Purpose - Meat & Milk

  • Easy Care and Easy Calving

  • Efficient Pasture Utilisation (more to the acre)

  • Environmentally friendly due smaller size

  • Excellent natured animals

Pricing & Breeding:

Our Dexter are sold based on % of Dexter breeding. That is an Angus cow crossed with a Full Blood Dexter Bull would result in a Grade 1 (or 50%) Dexter calf, and so forth. The grading up table looks as follows:

Grade 1 Calf - 50% Dexter (not Stud register able)*

= Foundation Cow + Dexter Bull


Grade 2 Calf - 75% Dexter (Females Stud Register able)

= Grade 1 Cow + Dexter Bull


Grade 3 Calf - 87.5% Dexter (Females Stud Register able)

= Grade 2 Cow + Dexter Bull


Grade 4 Calf - 93.75% Dexter (Females Pure Breed Stud Register able)

 = Grade 3 Cow + Dexter Bull


Pure breed Calf - 96.88% Dexter (All Stud Register able as Pure Breed)

= Grade 4 Cow + Dexter Bull


We also have Full Blood animals that are not graded up, ie. 100% traceable Dexter heritage. We only used Full Blood Dexter Bulls in our grading program and also use Show quality foundation animals from Angus, MurrayGrey and Jersey cattle.


* From 31st March 2006, the Dexter Cattle Aust Inc will no longer be registering any NEW Grade 1 (or 1st Cross Animals). All new grade 2 and 3 calves can continue to be registered. All existing Grade 1 animals that are registered remain on the stud book.

All our stock prices are plus GST and include registration with Dexter Catte Assoc. Inc (Aust) (DCAI), DNA papers and registration document (where required). Delivery and Transport insurance can also be arranged.

We are also able to sell animals (vet) confirmed in calf if you so desire. We provide a fertility guarantee with all our stock.

 For more information on Dexter Cattle click here                         

Our Grade 3 (3rd cross) "Grand Champion Graded Cow - "Hopi"

"Stonehaven Stirling" - Purebreed Dexter heifer

"Stonehaven Gumdrop" - 1st Cross Dexter heifer (foundation cow Black Angus)

Purebreed Dexter Bull in residence - "Maclee Mandella"


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