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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site - thats if I have time to update it. ; ). If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

And yes it has been A LONG LONG while since an update, and this one is really only a building update, last 12 months been working flat out on house, new paddock fencing, office job, and family, so not much left to spend updating the web.

Australian Stock Horses:

We have started breeding stock horses. At this stage we have an 8yr old black Mare (Sonnys Gal) who is has had 2 foals and a 4yr old bay Filly (Roc Chic) who has a young filly foal to Cadabra.


We have a number of young weaned Graded dexters born 2009 and 2010 year and they are now ready for sale. Send me an email with the grade and colour of animal you are wanting. I can then email you photos and you can come and look.


We now have 3 polled (hornless) Grade 1 lines, Black, Dark Red, and Dark Dun, all originating from quality Angus cows and Murray Greys. Stay tuned for more calves from these bloodlines.

More AI Calves of quality bloodlines due in 6 months or so, Pure Breed and Graded Crosses with Red Dexter Bulls from Ireland.. 

Kalahari Reds:

Almost wiped out by wild dogs Christmas 2010/11, so are re building and slowly creating our numbers again. Not many for sale for some time.

Some kids photots from our doe's below:

Some of the "big" girls returning from a day out on the new ranges.....

2009 autumn drop 80% doelings. In contrast for 2010 drop 95% Buck Kids. = must be something different in the water this year.!



Welcome to "Stonehaven Matilda" DOB: 11th July 2006 - Red Full Blood Heifer.  Sire: Billabong Willy Wonka  Dam: Billabong Zulla (now resides at Stonehaven).



Welcome to "Billabong Zulla" all the way from Perth WA. DOB: 21st Sep 2004. Sire: Billabong Xander  Dam: Billabong Vermillion - Arrived at Stonehaven 20th Dec 05.

Zulla brings with her some great genetics to start our red line of full blood pure breed Dexters. Zulla is currently in calf to Billabong Willy Wonka two time Brisbane Royal Show winner, and countless number of Best Exhibit ribbon. We look forward to her 1st calf.



Stonehaven k-k-Ken (cause when he's two he'll be "Barbie's" mate (as in BBQ))

- Born 6th Nov 2005, BullCalf, 1st Cross Dexter x MurrayGrey, Sire: "Cornahir Outlaw (Irish Red Bull).

Stonehaven Red Gem - Born 24th Oct 2005, Female, 1st Cross Dexter x Angus , Polled. Sire: "Cornahir Outlaw (Irish Red Bull).

Stonehaven Blackberry Princess - Born 13th Oct 2005, only 8 days late but its a heifer.!  Sire: "Brambledell Redberry Prince" Red Bull from the UK - only bull with UK Elite Status.

Stonehaven Houdini & Stonehaven BlueBelle - It's Twins...!  Our first AI calves born 9th Oct 05 (8 days early) Bull Calf & Heifer, (need to test for Free Martins - in which female could be sterile). Sire: "Cobthorn DannyBoy" a true Irish Bull. (** Update - Houdini is now in the freezer = and they say Wagyu Beef is tender = obviously they've never tried a Dexter.!)


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